Why People Friday from Futureshift?

At Futureshift Consulting, we keep people at the heart of all our consulting engagements. While our consulting practice focuses at the intersection of technology, business and organization structure, we understand that people are the reason our client’s organization exists. With decades of experience in senior leadership positions, we are acutely aware that people development is a continuous job for all leaders—both inside and outside an organization.

Any impact on a business transformation can be directly correlated to people in an organization. Futureshift, as an organization has access to incredible Human Resource professionals, that we often connect our clients to them.

However, as we mentioned earlier, enhancing human capital is a 24×7 job for any leader. People are at the pivot around which strategies get executed, technology implemented, and business growth happens. Towards that end, we had launched People Friday (formerly Aspire2Be) as an online initiative that would help individuals to become successful leaders. And thus, PeopleFriday was born.

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