Mindbend Conversations


Project Mindbender: Mindbend conversations
Activates brain. Catalyzes thinking. Amplifies intelligence

Project Mindbender’s Mindbend conversations are designed to foster intelligence in children and adults to stimulate brain cells like never before. These exchanges are in the form of brainstorming sessions where participants deliberate on a variety of subjects and topics. This exercise intends to have the participants ideate limitlessly, on the infinite possibilities and articulate their thoughts and crystallizes learning.

These sessions are designed to catalyze thinking and amplify intelligence. The gatherings are structured in two parts with two topics totaling 75-90 minutes. The participants are expected to contribute enthusiastically speaking up on their various points of view and ‘what-ifs.’ There is no right and wrong in these conversations.

All the participants would come prepared with an open mind, with just a pen/ pencil and paper. They can also bring their own notebook to jot down the thought process and track their evolution of thinking over time.

The format and topics are co-created by Krish Iyengar and Rajesh Soundararajan

Krish Iyengar is an exceptional A* student of Class V, who has topped hi KPO s class in multiple International Science, English and Cyber Olympiads. He has also been consistent Gold Medalist in storytelling in his school. A maths enthusiast and student of Vedic Math, he is also an avid reader of English and Science books and is a Grammar Nazi. He loves Magic and solving TedEd puzzles.

Each session will be curated and moderated by Rajesh Soundararajan, a member of the Mensa Club with a recorded IQ of 156. He is also a certified Buzan Mindmap trainer and a tireless proponent of activating and synthesizing right-left brain thinking to tap into multiple intelligences in children and adults.

Rajesh an Engineer and an MBA; he is a management consultant by profession. In this part-time, he engages himself in mentoring, farming, photography and undertakes long road trips.




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