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6 things that I learnt from a devastating accident

I share here about my experiences from a devastating accident in which I almost lost three fingers, and what I have learned from this miracle ordeal. Three years ago, it was late Sunday evening of January, when I met with a freak yet devastating accident. As I was working on a 12,000 RPM rotary metal […]

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Aspire to be a CEO: Have Fun, Laugh!

Business is tough and may is not joy ride. That should not stop you from emanating joy and having fun along the way.As a manager, you are expected to to keep the team focussed towards the goal. You are supposed to to lead them through the journey. You can make the journey hard, grumpy and […]

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Landing a dream job, not any job: Don’t send your CV (résumé)

For purposes of this series, we will be using résumé[1] and curriculum vitae[2] (CV), interchangeably. A CV with a ‘for everyone’ cover letter = junk mailA CV without a cover letter = waste paper. Imagine the fate of hundreds of direct mailers that you pick from the mailbox. Do they ever get into your door? In […]

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Aspire 2 Be: A preamble!

Aspire 2 Be: A preamble! Why did we choose this topic? All of us aspire to be someone or do something. During our lifetime we either we surrender our aspirations or get annoyed that we are reaching nowhere. Life gets frustrating and we end up blaming the world, the surroundings, and the people. Aspire2Be is […]