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#Hiring: The Fallacy of Job Descriptions…

…and how ex-Air Traffic Controller became the best Sales Person in Tech major. #HR #Talent #Human Resources #Hiring #Job Descriptions #Bias #Resume #sales #India This is not a story of rags to riches. This is not even a story about the candidate. This is the story of how strong our biases are in the hiring […]

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Motivational video

Aspire to be- the BEST! Nothing comes easily – especially success. I found this video – very simple and supremely inspiring. What makes the difference between the person who is first and who comes behind! Watch this everyday! Go through this every single day- and motivate yourself to put in that effort- to bring the […]

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Aspire to be a CEO: Don’t build empires and fiefdoms.

Another big myth from practicing managers is that they think that the biggest budget and the most people reporting to them is a guarantee to get them to the top. This probably was true in the days of kings not in today’s flat world.  Today, it is all (only) about doing more with less.Do more […]

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#LeadershipLesson: Follow the footsteps of your Boss!

‘Boss Bitching’ is a fad. An entertaining one, at that; though not the right one to take you to the top. All of us have heard people who can just complain and complain about their bosses – just give them an opportunity and they can rattle the worst things about their twenty-seven bosses through career. […]

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Aspire to be a CEO: Don’t Panic or Lose your Temper

Temper tantrums, sulking, finger-pointing are all signs of panic. More corporate heads have rolled because of the above than any other single display of emotion. When managers panic, they lose their temper and behave in what would go down in history as the ‘best regrettable moment’. Good CEOs do not panic. nor lose their temper. […]

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Watch this space – Landing a DREAM job…..

Close on the launch of the series -“Aspire to be a CEO: …” series, we are now starting another parallel series -“Landing a DREAM job, not any job…” Thank you all for the great support – feedback, tweets and retweets.Today’s workplace is super competitive and lot more dynamic. There are more and more awesome jobs; […]