Why PeopleFriday?

An insider’s account from its creators – Futureshift Consulting.

People are at the pivot, around which strategies get executed, technology implemented, and business growth happens.

– Rajesh Soundararajan

The PeopleFriday Mission

PeopleFriday - A Futureshift Initiative for enhancing Human Capital
PeopleFriday – A Futureshift Initiative for enhancing Human Capital

At PeopleFriday (A Futureshift initiative for enhancing Human Capital), we help individuals dare to dream.

We help give wings to their dreams by assisting them in defining their aspirations and translating them into actions. Actions define their behaviour and character.

– PeopleFriday

The end-state is a highly productive individual who can navigate an exceptionally challenging business environment. We do our bit by sharing our thoughts and curating resources online. We also federate this content through various social platforms to maximize reach and enhance global Human Capital.

Leadership Lessons are available absolutely Free

Our ‘Leadership Lessons’ are made available absolutely gratis on a range of online channels. Each module focuses on simple tips and hacks that can help an individual become successful and continue to grow in their career. Each module is independently complete and collectively exhaustive, designed to transform individuals towards success.

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In the race to the top, only the best survive. And they become the best by constantly learning and upskilling.

– Vinodh Soundarajan

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